Our Ethos at DBM is to bring innovative solutions to complex issues. We ask the questions needed to take the solutions to another level, frequently involving the creative and critical application of other disciplines. We pride ourselves in not just solving an issue, but developing a framework for the future.

We don’t just create the plan, we work to be sure it is implemented, funded, and functioning as expected. We realize this is a results and solutions practice that integrates several specialties – for example, the best estate plan may not have the best income tax or asset protection results, or the best contract may not adequately address the best entity structure, compensation program growth and exit strategies available (please refer to the interactive charts that follow).

Our Tax Strategy

In our decades of experience we have learned that every tax return tells a story. When preparing tax returns, we plan from the past and analyze the present to optimize the future.

All successful tax and business planning strategies aim to achieve one or more of the following objectives:

  • Proper allocation of income to proper taxpayer
  • Recognition of income in time period with the optimal tax rate
  • Recognition of income in a jurisdiction with the optimal tax rate and legal benefits
  • Classification of income taxed at the proper rate (e.g. ordinary vs. capital gains)

These tenets are universal in their application to all types of taxpayers, in all jurisdictions and to all types of tax.

What We Can Do For You

At DBM, we formulate a complete family plan; not just an estate plan, but a plan that creates family harmony and accomplishes everyone’s objectives. We approach this plan by understanding:

  • The business and family structure
  • The present and future goals of the family and the timing of achievement of those goals
  • The proper entity structure to accomplish the family goals
  • The daily operation and issues of the business
  • The tax law nuances and benefits particular to the client

Why We Are Different

The “best” estate plan may not have the “best” income tax or asset protection results. The “best” contract may not adequately address the desired entity structure, growth and exit strategies available.

DBM does more than just create a business, estate or tax plan for you. Our work does not stop when the documents are signed. A proper plan should be funded, functioning as expected and refined as necessary. We work with the client to implement such a plan and achieve the best comprehensive result.

We realize this is a solutions-and-results practice that integrates various disciplines. Our ultimate mission is to continuously create value for the client.